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Is sleeping during the night important for health?

Some people prefer to work at night, and they call themselves night owls. Early birds are the people sleep at night and wake up early. Many CEOs and business tycoons propagate the virtues of sleeping at night and waking up early. On the other hand, there are top creatives who prefer working at night. But which one of these promotes healthy habits and good mental and physical health?

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Do video games cause violence?

For decades, parents, psychologists, and neuroscientists have studied the potential connection between violent video games and the level of real-world violence displayed by the children and young adults who play them, especially those shown on the national stage for criminal activity and mass shootings. A plethora of research and academic study has erupted from this debate, contributing to our gro...

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How should we think about interpreting literature?

In the world of literary criticism, there are many theories about the correct way to interpret literature. Some critics argue that the text alone determines a work's meaning, while others pay more attention to factors like historical context or the reader's experience. Scholars have also practiced other methods of literary criticism influenced by feminist, Marxist, or psychoanalytic theories, to ...

How does memory work in the brain?

Human memory is one of the most puzzling mysteries of science. Neuroscientists and psychologists have suggested many theories for its mechanism, but substantiating these theories with concrete evidence is difficult. How do our brains enable us to remember?

Should transgender children medically transition?

Many transgender people choose to medically transition, undergoing procedures such as hormone therapy and face/chest/genital surgery. For those who choose to medically transition, these procedures can alleviate gender dysphoria and increase quality of life. There are some risks to medically transitioning, such as complications or wanting to detransition in the future. Transgender adults are capabl...

Mapping the world's opinions.

How do we think about removing controversial statues in the US?

Throughout the US, activists are calling for the removal of controversial statues, which most often depict individuals with slavery or colonization ties. These statues have long been a subject of debate, but the American public’s renewed attention to systemic, racially-motivated violence has brought this conversation into the forefront of public discourse. According to those in favor of removal, t...

Why have humans always slaughtered each other?

War , Unbalanced countries , huge divide in living conditions yet we are the only species that know our fate is death' on this small blue ball earth that was given mm perfect yet we do nothing but destroy damage , an poison our home . Kings through the centuries till Now. Is asking for every human to live in peace so inconceivable we could' cultivate our world an harvest so people could have ...

What are the advantages and disadvantages of disclosing your disability to a potential employer?

According to the CDC, 61 million adult Americans (or 1 in 4) have a disability. People with a disability have an unemployment rate that is twice as high as the rate for the rest of the population. It can be harder to get a job for people with disabilities. One of the biggest issues around applying for a job is deciding whether or not to disclose your disability to a potential employer. Legislati...

Does language influence worldview?

Over the years, linguists have observed that some languages have a differing vocabulary for colors, numbers, directions, and more, not to mention variations in structure. Researchers wonder whether or not these differences affect how speakers of these languages view the world.

組織は環境という外部性をどのように内部に取り込むべきか How should organizations internalize the externalities like environment?

DIAMONDハーバード・ビジネス・レビュー(DHBR)2020年8月号の特集は『気候変動』。今まで組織の外の課題として扱われていた「環境」が、かなりの程度、組織の課題として見られるようになってきた。どうしてそうなったのか、現在の構図と対応策を今月号から読み解いてみたい。(参考ブログ: )

Does political correctness harm society?

Politically correct refers to the avoidance or censorship of words, actions, and policies that could offend disadvantaged groups. In modern discussions, the word is loaded, with commentators divided concerning its influence. Many people use this term disparagingly, and see it as a reflection of our culture's hypersensitivity. However, others argue that political correctness reflects respect for d...

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