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Affirmative action is a policy in which an individual's race, sex, religion or national origin are taken into account to increase opportunities provided to an underrepresented group in society. It is used to encourage diversity and equality. Affirmative action can most often be seen in academic institutions, such as college admissions, scholarships and programs.

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Affirmative action is about diversity and inclusion, not racist ideals.
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Affirmative action does not protect all minorities

Affirmative action doesn’t guarantee assistance to any one racial group.
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The Argument

The focus of affirmative action is to give aid to people of color, yet some are actually negatively impacted from it.[1] It could push back a student from a struggling Native-American family to give way to a Latino banker’s student. It could favor a rich black doctor’s student at the expense of a poor Asian student. Affirmative action focuses on minorities as a group, not race a whole. At its root, it sets one race against another and therefore loses its ability to enhance racial harmony. Instead, it breeds resentment and hostility between races of color. Affirmative action doesn’t guarantee entrance to one racial group. It broadly looks at a group of minorities and not a racial group.

Counter arguments


[P1] Affirmative action doesn’t focus on any one racial group. [P2] It focuses on the diversity of minorities instead of singling out racial groups.

Rejecting the premises




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