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Invasive plant and animal species live in virtually all areas of the globe. The reason for their unnatural presence is because humans have accidentally or deliberately introduced them to new ecosystems. Because they have been introduced to new habitats they are not initially meant to be in, invasive species have negatively impacted their new homes. How extensive is their damage and are all invasive species harmful?

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Invasive species hurt humans just as much as plants and animals. Invasive animals have killed and injured people, and invasive plants can cause rashes and poison people.
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Aggressive invasive species spread diseases and infection

Invasive species can be very dangerous. Animals, like foxes and foreign insects, have caused infections, cases of rabies, and poisonings that hurt and sometimes kill people.
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The Argument

Humans can get hurt by invasive organisms. The Africanized honeybee is a pest in Texas and Arizona that is very aggressive and has killed people.[1] To ensure human safety, invasive species should be eradicated.

Counter arguments

Invasive species are often purposefully brought to an ecosystem by humans. Humans brought invasive species to other countries as pets, pest control, or even accidentally.[2] Instead of eradicating invasive species, humans should move them back to their natural habitats.


[P1] Humans can get hurt by invasive species. [P2] Invasive species should be eradicated.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Not all invasive species are harmful. [Rejecting P2] Some invasive species need to be in foreign habitats.



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