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Alcoholic beverages are widely consumed across the globe in a multitude of settings. Many people enjoy and promote alcohol use, while many others point out its potential negative impacts. Is alcohol consumption healthy?

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Alcohol can have negative health impacts and lead to alcoholism and rash decisions.
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Alcohol is unhealthy because it does damage to our bodies.

Alcohol has been shown to harm multiple organs and contribute to cancer.
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The Argument

Long term alcohol use has been shown to cause damage to the liver, brain, and heart, and cause cancer. Alcohol can narrow the blood vessels and weaken the heart, leading to high blood pressure and increased risk for stroke or other heart issues. Drinking can damage nerve cells and brain tissue, leading to problems with cognition and memory. The liver is responsible for breaking down the toxins contained in alcohol, and can be damaged in this process. This can lead to liver problems such as hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) and cirrhosis (liver scarring), which can lead to serious health issues and death. Alcohol can damage cells, which increases the chance of DNA mutations (and therefore cancer) during reparation. It can also be converted to acetaldehyde while the body processes it, which is a chemical shown to cause cancer. Alcohol has been shown to increase the chance of liver, colon, mouth, and breast cancer. Consumption of too much alcohol all at once, known as an alcohol overdose, can lead to brain damage and death.

Counter arguments

-Alcohol only causes health damage when consumed in excess.


P[1] Alcohol causes health damage.

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