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In 2013 policeman George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder, after shooting black teenager Trayvon Martin to death. Many saw this as an example of racially motivated police brutality, and symptomatic of wider racial prejudices in the West. As public outrage grew, "Black Lives Matter" (BLM) became a rallying cry across the internet to protest against these injustices. The "All Lives Matter" (ALM) movement mobilised in response, seeing BLM as an affront to non-black rights. This has divided people. ALM argues that achieving an equal society requires inclusivity, and that focusing only on black lives is misleading and offensive to non-blacks. Meanwhile, their critics see the ALM movement as proof that black lives remain unequal. It is regarded as a problematic campaign. One that gives non-blacks license to distract from the uneven levels of inequality and prejudice faced by black people, and undermine their cause. With public figures including Richard Sherman , Ben Carson and Tim Scott active supporters of All Lives Matter, is it a legitimate protest for equality? Or does this campaign only deepen existing prejudice?

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All Lives Matter is a legitimate protest calling for the end of racial prejudice, and recognition that people are equal irrespective of their skin colour.
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All Lives Matter calls for the end of racial hierarchy

All Lives Matter is about elevating all lives to an equal standing. There is nothing in its mission that suggests one race is superior to another.

The Argument

Erasing the difference between race is the driving force behind All Lives Matter. To include everyone despite race or color is what the movement believes in.[1] People believe that All Lives Matter is trying to erase the importance and meaning behind the BLM movement, but that’s not what’s happening. The movement itself aims at erasing the boundaries that have been in place because of race, not race itself. While brought into the limelight in response to the BLM movement, it is inclusive and not exclusionary. Additionally, it includes indigenous races, immigrants, and other communities which have received undeserved hatred and segregation like Hispanic and Latinx communities. All Lives Matter is not supportive of white supremacy, as its emphasis is on humanity and not race. It includes those who’ve also suffered from exclusion and racial injustice, not just black lives. All Lives Matter supports people of all races and color, and not ignore race but show that people will stand together as one united front where everyone matters.

Counter arguments

All Lives Matter is a movement that, despite its stance, reflects a view of racial dismissal and denial about the reasons the Black Lives Matter movement started.[2] For many, yes, all lives do matter, they have importance, no one person is lesser or better. However, the movement itself erases the fact that the societal controversy is not about white people, it’s about black people and the targeted mistreatment they’ve suffered for centuries. Despite the wars, laws, and reforms, there's still gross mistreatment of black people. To dismiss the fact that there is a racial difference in treatment denies the fact that there is injustice as a result. Unfortunately, race is a lens through which society defines individuals. They are more, and that is what the movement tries to make people understand. That Black Lives to Matter like other lives do, that there should be equality despite race or color.



[P1] All Lives Matter does not exclude Black Lives Matter but includes them in those they support

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] All Lives Matter is a hurtful phrase that denies the reason the Black Lives Matter movement started is in direct response to what's been done and is being done to them as a race.




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