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As "Black Lives Matter" has become a rally cry to address police brutality and racism in the US and around the world. In some places "All Lives Matter" or "Blue Lives Matter" (Police) or "White Lives Matter" have been shared shared as a retort. Is it appropriate to share this perspective? Is it offensive? Insensitive? Or an inclusive perspective?

No, it is not ok to say "All Lives Matter" Show more Show less

While the statement is true, used as a retort to "Black Lives Matter" diminishes and disrespects the issues that that the slogan is responding too.
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"All Lives Matter" detracts from the necessity of "Black Lives Matter"

While it is, in fact, true that all lives matter, this statement belittles the intent and justification of the BLM movement.
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"All Lives Matter" is used as a counter to the statement "Black Lives Matter," a phrase coined to bring light and awareness to the widespread issues of systemic racism and police brutality in the law enforcement complex. Most often its intent stretches only as far as its words: that all lives matter rather than just black lives. This detracts from the purpose of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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When we say "Black Lives Matter" we are not implying that White lives, Animal lives, Jewish lives, or any other lives matter any less. What is meant by BLM is that Black lives matter As well, in the face of a system which actively oppresses Black people. Whilst liberation will be achieved only through co-operation and understanding the inter-relation of our struggles, we must acknowledge the struggles of our Black communities as distinct and support them with what ever specific challenges that they may face

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