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Of the world’s population of 7.8 billion, Christianity is the most widely practised religion in the world, with more than 2 billion followers. Next in popularity are 1.5 billion followers of Islam and 900 million Hindu. There are many beliefs that Christians have in common. There are however, not unsurprisingly, also many differences in the more than 21,000 Christian denominations.

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Amish are an American Protestant group with around 200,000 members.
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Amish Worship

Worship takes place in different households, rather than a church.
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The Amish worship in their houses, which are designed to allow a large group to meet. Different households take it in turns to host worship. A 3-hour preaching service takes place every other Sunday morning and is followed by a shared meal. [1] On Sunday evening there may be a meeting for young people of several communities who gather in a house to sing hymns and talk, sitting on opposite sides of a long table. Communion services are held twice a year. The Amish reject the idea of transubstantiation.

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