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The Democrats are preparing to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 US Presidential election. While united by party, the contenders are divided on how they plan to take the US forward. So, who are the possible top candidates? What are their policies and what do they represent? And could they beat Donald Trump in an election?

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What does Amy Klobuchar stand for? Klobuchar can win back the Midwestern voters that caused Democrats to lose in 2016.
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Amy Klobuchar can reclaim the Midwest

The 2016 election showed that the Democratic party is losing Midwestern voters. Klobuchar can change this.
2020 US Election Amy Klobuchar
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Many of the Democrats' most shocking losses in 2016 were in the Midwest, most notably Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.[1]

The Argument

Klobuchar has sensibilities that both appeal to those in the Midwest and provide a contrast to Trump - she is calm and rational rather than ostentatious.[2] She does not play Trump's game of name calling and anger: she is above it, without seeming elitist. Klobuchar even has policies aimed specifically at farmers, something lacking with other candidates. She is extremely popular in her home state of Minnesota, and this popularity will translate across the Midwest and win key states for the Democrats in 2020.

Counter arguments

While Klobuchar may appeal to the Midwest, there are considerable sections of the American population that she does not appeal to. Her strategy focuses hugely on winning the 'white vote', without much appeal for people of colour, a vital voting bloc for Democrats.[3] She also does not appeal to the further Left of the Democratic party who prefer candidates like Sanders or Warren.


[P1] Democrats have suffered major losses in the Midwest. [P2] The Democratic candidate needs to fix this. [P3] Klobuchar's popularity and familiarity with the Midwest make her an ideal candidate.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] Winning the Midwest does not automatically win the election for Democrats: there are many other voting blocs that need to be appealed to.




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