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What are the forms of European anti-Semitism?
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Anti-Israel arguments can become hatred toward Jews

Often, criticism of Israel crosses the line into clearly antisemitic territory based on the location's ancient association with the Jewish holy land.


Israel is a nation primarily governed by and populated by Jewish people. It has become a refuge as the long sought after Jewish Zionist state, but faces much international criticism.

The Argument

Criticism of Israel as a nation often has its roots in or escalates into, racist criticism of Jews. Anti-Israeli arguments often hold Israel to a more difficult standard of expectations as other nations, unfairly describe it as racist, or demonize it. These criticisms are escalated beyond logic and evidence, from criticisms for political reasons against Israel, to criticisms of the nation because of its Jewish base. In addition, anti-Zionist protests or demonstrations in Europe and the US have often turned antisemitic. This includes the use of antisemitic slurs during the protests, and occasionally violence against Jews. In multiple cases law enforcement has been negligible or slow in cracking down on this violence, indicating deeply rooted antisemitism.[1]

Counter arguments

Claiming anti-Zionism as a form of anti-Antisemitism is misleading. The fact that Israeli criticism sometimes turns antisemitic is simply a sign of people who are both anti-Semitic and Zionist. This pattern is merely a coincidence but does not mean one is a form of the other.



[P1] Israel is a primarily Jewish state. [P2] Criticism of Israel often turns antisemitic. [P3] Anti-Zionism is one form of European antisemitism.

Rejecting the premises


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