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The art renaissance began in the 14th century in both Northern Europe and Italy, but they were vastly different. However, both spurred social change and scientific discovery. During this renaissance, art style changed in composition, color, religious representation, anatomy, and architecture.

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The Northern Art Renaissance experienced changes in the composition of paintings, adjustments in the types of color and texture, discoveries in anatomy, differences in religious representation in art, and a surge in Gothic style architecture.
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Gothic Style architecture was continued from the Medieval Period

The Gothic style of the Northern Art Renaissance included arched windows, dark colored building with flying buttresses and stained glass. These buildings were vast and very tall, with multiple spires and towers. Changes in engineering occurred to support these vast structures.

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Gothic architecture saw a revival in Northern Europe during the Art Renaissance. Gothic architecture includes large spires and towers, stained glass windows, and flying buttresses. [1] Flying buttresses were large arched support beams used to help hold up the tall design of the Gothic buildings. [1] The pointed arches of Gothic architecture also helped relieve some of the pressure from the large buildings. [2] The interiors of Gothic style buildings were longer and more narrow than their Italian Renaissance counterparts. [3]The interior roofs and archways had ornate details and etching into the stone. The use of stone and the height of the buildings were meant to reach closer to the Heavens. [4] Gothic architecture was a testament to the advancement of architecture during the Northern Renaissance.[5] Support archways, buttresses, and vaulted ceilings supported these massive structures, which were often places of worship, to better reach the Heavens.

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