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Voting is an important aspect of political decisions. It decides the outcome of a country for better or for worse. If voting is so important, should there be tests to make sure people know exactly what they're voting for? Or do the civilians of the country have no problem deciding what's best?

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Tests to vote aren’t necessary. They take up too much time and effort from the voters. Plus, excluding voters who don’t pass the test will be discrimination. It’s not worth the effort and cost.
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Everyone has a bias

Biases are always present in people’s lives. Because of that, should people have a bias while voting?
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The Argument

Voting tests won’t reduce the amount of biased voters. Everyone has biases. Children grow up around parents and a community that shapes what they believe.[1] Even a baby's brain picks up on social cues from their guardians.[2] Biases can’t be avoided, so there’s no point to having voting tests.

Counter arguments

Even though everyone has a bias, people can put it aside to make important decisions. Since, other people won’t be willing to do that, it’s important to get as many unbiased people voting as possible.


[P1] Tests won’t reduce bias. [P2] Everyone is biased somehow.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Although everyone has some sort of bias, it can be “put away” to make important decisions.



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