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Should Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the 2020 US Presidential Election?
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Joe Biden has over five decades of serving in public life

Biden's first Democratic Presidential bid was in 1988. His experience in US politics dwarfs that of former celebrity realtor Donald Trump, and is precisely what is needed at this critical point in human history.


Joe Biden has extensive experience in politics, Congress, and the government system. His relevant experience will only help shape his decisions as President of the United States.

The Argument

Before launching his first presidential bid in 1988, Joe Biden served in public affairs since 1972. He has held many prestigious titles in government including the U.S. Senator of Delaware, Vice President of the U.S., and Democratic Presidential Nominee for 2020.[1] Biden’s plentiful experience in politics has earned him consistent reelections; he served six terms in the Senate and two terms as Vice President.[2] Biden’s prior relevant experience boosts his credibility for the presidency. For example, a CNN poll found that 39% of Democrats prioritize prior experience in politics as a quality of a presidential candidate.[2] Additionally, 40 out of the 45 presidents have had some experience in public life, suggesting that Biden’s relevant experience will only benefit him.[3] Biden has not only learned from his experience but also learned from other people’s experiences. He has worked with countless political officials, served on Senate committees, and witnessed the changes to the U.S. Government in the past five decades. Over this copious amount of time, Biden has acquired a sense of the rights and wrongs of handling politics. Biden’s extensive experience in politics proves his fit for the presidency. His relevant experience cannot even be compared to that of Donald Trump, the first president without a background in the government or military.[4]

Counter arguments

Although Biden has been in public affairs for over five decades, critics argue that he has not made sufficient impacts. Evident through his defensive strategy as Senator of Delaware, Biden has built a reputation of being “soft” on policy. [5] The most notable critic, President Trump, bashed Biden at the first presidential debate claiming he “did more in 47 months as president than Joe Biden did in 47 years.” Prior experience in politics does not guarantee a prosperous presidency, especially with Biden’s passive reputation for handling politics. [6]



Rejecting the premises


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