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Should Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the 2020 US Presidential Election? Show more Show less
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It has been a tumultuous 4 years of the Donald Trump presidency in the United States, with investigations, nominations, fake news, tweets, impeachment, pandemics, protests, and a nation divided about the facts on the ground and the direction the country should be taking. Many see the 2020 US Presidential Election as the most important election in history, with huge implications for the US, but also for the world. So who should win the US Presidential election?

Joe Biden should be elected in the 2020 US election Show more Show less

Joe Biden will be a conciliatory president for a nation divided by race, class and identity. He is the candidate to give America back its standing in the world, and to put the threat of climate change back at the very top of the global agenda.
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Joe Biden will end Trump's unsuccessful trade wars

Trump oversells the success of his strongman tariff policies. This negotiation style has seen Trump repeatedly fail to meet his own year-on-year 4%+ growth pronouncements.
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In 2017, President Trump launched a series of trade wars with China by putting tariffs on billions of dollars worth of goods. China retaliated with its own set of tariffs, which have had adverse effects on U.S. companies.[1] Similarly, Trump launched a set of tariffs on the European Union in 2018 and raised them in 2020. [2]

The Argument

President Trump’s trade wars have proven to be detrimental to the nation’s economy. Trump’s tariffs have already caused the U.S. economy to lose over 300,000 jobs, with an estimated $316 billion in lost revenue by the end of 2020. Biden should be elected president, as he will cease Trump’s unsuccessful trade wars with China and the European Union. [1] Biden strives for a less confrontational approach to China to actually make progress. Instead of adding tariffs for China, Biden will instead focus on American infrastructure such as education, research and development, and technological improvements. This strategy will alleviate tensions between the U.S. and China while expanding economic growth as well. [3] Biden also has made a commitment to end the Trump administration’s artificial trade war with the EU. The Biden administration end current tariffs and instead work together with European allies to expand economic growth. For example, Biden plans to implement a trade system that balances the surpluses of the U.S. and EU for greater benefits to both parties. [4] Joe Biden should win the 2020 presidential election because of his plans to end the trade wars. He will reverse the Trump administration’s economic damages by working with foreign trade partners as opposed to establishing unwarranted tariffs.

Counter arguments

Trade relations caused Trump to win swing votes from well-known manufacturing states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. To attract votes from these states, Biden will not lower foreign tariffs until the United States can make major investments in the workplace and communities.[5] In fact, Biden’s trade policies will actually be worse for America in the short term. Biden proposes a $400 billion “Buy American” model and clean energy technology which will take a major hit to the U.S. economy in the short run.[5]



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