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Should the American working class vote for Trump or Biden?
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Biden will expand healthcare programs

Biden is planning expansions to the Medicare and Medicaid programs. He is vowing to increase eligibility and national coverage and to reduce costs to households.
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The Argument

Biden will expand the eligibility and funding of programs like Medicare and Medicaid and improve the ACA. He plans to reduce the cost of healthcare and simplify the current system. His aim is to increase health insurance coverage to 97% of Americans. He will accomplish this by giving Americans more choice for their insurance plan and increasing the coverage to low income households[1]. Currently, what state you live in determines your access to healthcare. 14 states have not upheld the expansions to Medicare eligibility leaving an estimated 4.9 million Americans uninsured. Biden will give these people the option to sign up to a public health insurance option. Furthermore, Biden plans to set a threshold at 138% of the federal poverty rate. Americans who earn below this amount will automatically be enrolled in the public health insurance option. Biden is also pro-choice. He will work to promote abortion rights and stop states from unconstitutionally going against the right to abortion. He also intends to increase funding and support for Planned Parenthood[2]. All these policies are intended to lower the cost of living for low income families and will have long term benefits for working class households.

Counter arguments

Many of these measures passing are dependent on who controls the House and the Senate. They are ambitious, but perhaps too much so, with some of his more centrist policies being seen as too extreme by more conservative voters. Yet, to many of the more liberally minded, Biden is not going far enough. Striking the balance between pushing for reforms and appeasing the center and more right wing member of his own party will be hard[3].


[P1] Biden plans to expand healthcare programs and coverage. [P2] These measures will benefit many American working class households. [P3] The American working class should vote for Biden.

Rejecting the premises


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