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Gender inequality underpins many problems which disproportionately affect women and girls. The include domestic and sexual violence, gender-related pay gaps, lack of access to education, and inadequate healthcare. How the Presidential candidates approach this could swing the female vote. So, should women vote for Trump or Biden?

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Joe Biden has been a consistent supporter of women's rights and will structure his administration to ensure women's issues remain at the forefront of US policy.
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Biden will structure his Administration to ensure women’s issues remain at the forefront of policy efforts

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Biden's administration will protect women's rights and addresses the unique needs of all women, including Black women, Latina women, Native women, Asian American and Pacific Islander women, women with disabilities, and lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer women.[1] The Democratic administration created the White House Council on Women and Girls[2] to ensure the federal government was tackling issues like equal pay, paid family leave, and poverty effectively. The Trump Administration disbanded this and replaced it with nothing. Biden will guide and coordinate a policy that helps women and girls, such as economic policy, health care, racial justice, gender-based violence, and foreign policy.

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