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As covid-19 hit the headlines and became a national emergency in India, Islamophobia surged. On Twitter, furious posts poured out of the nation with the gruesome hashtag #CoronavirusJihad. The inference was clear: many Indians were using the pandemic as an excuse to victimise its Muslim population. Critics claim its government has done little to stop this, while others say the threat is exaggerated.

Coronavirus has had no impact on Islamophobia Show more Show less

The disease has not affected sentiment towards Muslims.
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There are bigger concerns about its spread

Islamophobia is not a major talking point in the Indian fight against coronavirus.
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It is hard to gauge how Islamophobia has evolved since the outbreak, but wherever you stand, this is not the main concern.

The Argument

To try and untangle the state of Islamophobia before and after the outbreak at this point, is premature. Until the pandemic is over, and normal life resumes, these analyses are meaningless. Instead. we must focus on the more important concerns. Namely, the spread of the virus, which is ravaging across a country where many are forced to live in cramped conditions, without access to anti-bacterial gels, masks, gloves or other lifesaving PPEs.

Counter arguments

This is a dangerous argument, which deliberately undermines anxieties around the open spread of racism across the country. Choosing to neglect this now will have a long-term impact it is not so easy to undo. Islamophobia is a problem in India, and it must be dealt with properly during this pandemic.


Rejecting the premises



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