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Rap is a music genre that has evolved over time into one of the most popular forms of music the world over. And to excel at the rap game requires style, a way with words and lyrics, verbal gymnastics, ability to entertain, and many other skills. So who has the best rap game? Who has done the most for the craft? Who has had the biggest impact on our hearts and minds?

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Distinctive flow, semi-autobiographical lyrics, and a true storyteller, Biggie took rap places that we didn't know it could go. He made the complex sound smooth and easy, difficult technique never getting in the way of the music.
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Biggie was a storyteller

Biggie used stories and semi-autobiographical material in his music, so listeners didn't just enjoy the rhythms but followed along in the narrative journey.

The Argument

Biggie 's rap had substance, his songs were filled with relatable material for young African-Americans. He pioneered the storytelling tools that Kendick Lamar would later perfect, using multiple voices and characters to convey an honest and relatable message to his audience.[1] Biggie's lyrics weren’t chosen solely for political or entertainment purposes, they were chosen to be a complex combination of politics, art, and culture--all in the name of storytelling.[2]

Counter arguments

While Biggie may have pioneered great storytelling in hip-hop, there are more versatile hip-hop artists as far as storytelling is concerned. Some tell incredible stories through both their lyrics and the music videos they create while others us their vocal and lyrical talents to tell stories to a larger audience than Biggie ever did. Rap has come a long way since Biggie's tragic death, and its development has led to even better hip-hop artists coming into the limelight.



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