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Birth control has many positive impacts, including pregnancy prevention, protection from STDs, and allowing regulation of the menstrual cycle. However, these products can cost large amounts of money, the onus of payment for which is generally on women. Should these products be free, or should they cost money?

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Women should not have to pay to prevent pregnancy.
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Birth control is a human right

Women should have the ability to control their own bodies.

The Argument

Birth control should be considered a human right. Anything that has to do with reproduction should be a choice, and any item regulating that should be provided to women for free. A family should come in its own time, when and if the woman chooses. Not before. One source states that, "women who use contraception are healthier, better educated, and more empowered than those who don't."[1] In other words, treating women like people, giving them rights to be treated like people, makes them feel like people. The right to control their bodies makes women happier, smarter, and more confident members of society.

Counter arguments

Birth control is not a right. Women can simply abstain, or monitor when it's the safest to partake in intercourse. Birth control is not a natural product, and thus should not be considered a freely given right.



[P1] Controlling pregnancy is a human right. [P2] Contraceptives control pregnancy. [P3] Contraceptives are a human right.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Controlling pregnancy is not a human right.




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