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What is the best way to stay fit during COVID-19? Show more Show less
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Being mandated to stay inside for extended periods mean that opportunities to keep fit during the COVID-19 epidemic are limited. As we suffer from greatly reduced access to activity and move to a largely sedentary lifestyle, how can we make sure we stay fit?

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As gyms close, your house can become your gym - with the added bonus of no sweat-drenched equipment or athlete's foot from the showers.
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Body weight strength training

Rather than emerging to from isolation with exactly 0% muscle, emerge more buff than ever.

The Argument

Bodyweight exercises are the best way to stay fit while social distancing. Anyone can get a full-body workout while by their lonesome without the need for a spotter. Plus, accessories are not necessary. Bodyweight workouts only require a body, motivation, and a clear understanding of one's own physical limitations. Unlike certain online classes, dumb bell-heavy routines, or yoga positions requiring major flexibility, bodyweight exercises can always be altered to the subject's personal abilities. If you realize you can't do a specific exercise to work out a part of your body, either modify it or find another way to work out that section of your body. Strength training is also the best way to get physically visible results and bodyweight training is the most accessible way to start weight training, even during the coronavirus pandemic. The only way thing that can stop someone from doing a bodyweight exercise that is fit for their body is their own motivation.[1]

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