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We’ve seen many of our favourite stories rise to the silver screen. From childhood favourites like Harry Potter to remakes of classics like Little Women, many books have been adapted into screenplays and made into movies. The big dilemma: read the book, or watch the movie? Should the movie adaptation even exist at all?

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Movies cannot live up to the books they are based on, and can even ruin them.
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Books can be easily overlooked in comparison to the movie

The greater attention placed on movies draws people away from reading the original source material.
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The Argument

More and more production companies are starting to view books as powerful source material. Increasing commercialisation undervalues the book as a work of art. The impression that books are written just to be bought by moviemakers to create a grossing box office is implied, devaluing the book itself. Even worse, there may be an increasing trend that the value of a book is judged based on whether it has a movie or TV adaptation or not. People may feel that there is no need to read the book since they have already seen the movie adaptation. They then miss out on what the book has to offer: a fuller, more detailed experience of the story.

Counter arguments

Not everyone watches the movie before reading the book. Plenty of people read the book first since the book is usually published before the movie is made.


[P1] The movie is watched before the book is read. [P2] The movie therefore overshadows the original work.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] This is not always the case.



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