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Where is the best place to read?
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A cafe is the best place to read

A cafe offers a quiet yet lively place to enjoy a good book with a caffeinated drink.

The Argument

Cafes are perfect for reading because they have food, drinks, and a lively atmosphere. Some cafes even have small libraries that allow for exploring new titles that you would have never otherwise picked up. Additionally, cafes are rife with the smell of fresh-ground coffee, adding to the already cozy ambiance.[1] Most people at cafes have their own work to get done, meaning there's less of a chance for them to interrupt a great book just when it was starting to get even better. Cafes offer the perfect combination of food and drinks, a quiet yet social atmosphere, and caffeinated aromas.

Counter arguments

While cafes are great places to grab a bite to eat or something to drink, they're too busy for a good reading experience. The loud whirring of coffee grinders and espresso machines will never fail to jolt a reader out of even the most compelling story. Simply put, cafes are too loud and trafficked to lead to a good reading experience.



Rejecting the premises


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