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With death tolls mounting, hospitals overflowing, unemployment skyrocketing, and much of the population confined to their homes, there is no shortage of people in need. But who should you help during the coronavirus pandemic? Where are the efforts best spent in order to do the most good?

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Charity starts at home. We all know someone who needs support. If everyone helped their own community, nobody would be left without assistance.
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Charity starts at home

If everyone looked after those immediately closest to them, everyone would have the support they need.
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The Argument

Your neighbours likely need someone to help them get groceries, someone to look after their children while they go to work, or someone to have a chat with to lift their spirits. If everyone looked after their own communities, nobody would be without assistance that needs it. Charity starts at home. That means helping your neighbours.

Counter arguments

It isn't about making sure everyone gets some assistance, it is about making sure the people that need the assistance the most get a lot of assistance. If everyone only looked out for their immediate community, rich communities would have an abundance of resources and assistance and poor communities would have very little. Charity shouldn't start at home. It should start with those that need it most.


[P1] Everyone has a neighbour. [P2] If everyone helped their neighbour, nobody would be without support or assistance that needs it.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] It isn't about making sure everyone has some help. We need to make sure those that need it most have a lot of help.


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