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It has become evident that in the next few years China will surpass the United States economically and is also making huge progress towards closing the gap in military and technological capability. With this in mind, will China's rise will remain peaceful? Or will violence erupt as China upsets the current world order?

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China has far to much to lose from conflict with the West, particularly direct military engagement with the USA.
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China is already ahead in many fields

China is already ahead in many fields, therefore grounds for competition between the West and China are far smaller than analysts suggest.
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The Argument

There is no need for conflict between China and the rest of the world as China is already ahead in many fields, including artificial intelligence, telecommunications, and renewable energy. Countries are increasingly looking to China for investment and leadership. China is also closing the gap between itself and the United State of America in scientific and military research. Within this context, the grounds for competition between the West and China are far smaller than analysts suggest, as China in many senses has already won.

Counter arguments

Conflict between China and the rest of the world remains a strong possibility due to its outstanding territorial claims in both the South China Sea with Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, and its historical claim over the island of Taiwan, which the USA has promised to protect in any military conflict.[1] China also regularly aligns with pariah states such as Vladimir Putin's Russia, offering them support in the UN Security Council by vetoing any attempts at sanctions. This includes recent attempts by the West to sanction the regime of Bashir Al Assad for the use of chemical weapons which was vetoed by China.[2] Increased military spending in China[3] and a more assertive foreign policy has led many to speculate that China's territorial claims and alliances will be backed up by force.



[P1] There is no need for China to enter into conflict, as China has already won.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] There are non US-related reasons for China to potentially enter into conflict.


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