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China will surpass the United States economically and is making huge military and technological progress. Will China's rise to global superpower status be peaceful? Or will China's rise not be peaceful due to its authoritarianism and territorial disputes?

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China's authoritarian behaviour, poor human rights record, and increasingly aggressive foreign policy make conflict likely.
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China's territorial disputes and alliances

China continues to have territorial disputes with its neighbours and military alliances with pariah states.
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The Argument

Conflict between China and the rest of the world remains a strong possibility due to its outstanding territorial claims in both the South China Sea with Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, and its historical claim over the island of Taiwan, which the USA has promised to protect in any military conflict.[1] China also regularly aligns with pariah states such as Vladimir Putin's Russia, offering them support in the UN Security Council by vetoing any attempts at sanctions. This includes recent attempts by the West to sanction the regime of Bashir Al Assad for the use of chemical weapons which was vetoed by China.[2] Increased military spending in China[3] and a more assertive foreign policy has led many to speculate that China's territorial claims and alliances will be backed up by force.

Counter arguments


[P1] China has numerous territorial disputes. [P2] China also has political alliances with some pariah states. [P3] These may end up being supported by military force.

Rejecting the premises



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