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Are psychics real?
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The CIA reportedly funded a psychic-based program

The Stargate Project was created to investigate the potential of psychic phenomena.
CIA Psychics

The Argument

Between 1972 and 1995, the CIA operated what is known at "Project Stargate". This was a program intended to gather intel on the Soviets, in which the United States "recruited men and women claiming to have powers of extrasensory perception (ESP) to help uncover military and domestic intelligence secrets."[1] They were tasked with a wide array of responsibilities, ranging from locating hostages to tracking the paths of escaped convicts. If the CIA believed in psychics enough to run a government program for twenty-three years, there must be reality in the concept of a psychic. Those that use ESP and clairvoyance in order to see the future have much more involvement than just the little hand-reading shops on the side of the road.

Counter arguments

The only evidence we have of this is one leaked report. There is no evidence of success, no psychics who have come forward to support that this even existed. The government can make mistakes, and maybe this was one of them.



[P1] The government utilized psychics to assist in missions. [P2] The fact that the government believed in psychics must support that they are real.

Rejecting the premises


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