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Palm-readings, tarot cards, and crystal balls - these are all things associated with those known as psychics. Every year, thousands of people go to psychics for guidance, for advice, and for the ability to communicate with deceased relatives and friends. Many who go seem to believe in it wholeheartedly, but the question remains: Are psychics real, or is it all just a big ruse?

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Psychics and their abilities are real
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Clients have claimed that their experiences were real

Many people who have visited psychics claim that their experiences were real.
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The Argument

For every claim that a psychic is a hoax, there are a dozen others from those who have experienced accurate predictions from psychics. In 2015, Nicole Pelletiere was skeptic about the whole "psychic" thing. Once she went however, she left feeling, "...thrilled for the future and a little less concerned with the happenings of yesterday."[1] Brittany Christopoulos went to a psychic as a skeptic. She reported that this woman, "[predicted things] that have already come true, such as: me working in a restaurant, getting a job through the connection of someone I worked with and a major life changing event that would affect a close friendship."[2] There are many, many more testimonials like this from those who have gone to psychics in search of answers. They outweigh the opinions of the skeptics.

Counter arguments

Sometimes, people are willing and desperate enough to get validation that they will believe anything. Perhaps their psychic treated them emotionally well, like a therapist, and after the matter the client believed that the psychic had used some kind of powerful "sixth eye" prediction method. They just needed someone to talk to. There is no magic, or ESP, involved.



[P1] Many who have visited psychics claim they are real. [P2] These claims overpower the skeptics.

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