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It is the topic of our times, with changing weather around the world. Is the climate actually changing or are these global warming signals misunderstood and misattributed to natural cycles. Can we know if climate change real? Or is climate change a conspiracy of the left?

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Climate change is happening and is driven by human carbon emissions. The science on the subject of global warming is clear, and the evidence is overwhelming.
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Climate change models have proven very accurate

Scientific predictions about human emissions and the rise in global temperatures have proven very accurate. If anything they have been too conservative, underestimating the impacts and speed of climate change.

The Argument

Scientists have been gathering facts about climate change for years. Computers models are used to calculate the rise in CO2 levels and determine the rise of temperature in the future.[1] These models have been used since the 20th century.[2] As technology advances, so does their accuracy.

Counter arguments

Models can only show theories and predictions made by scientists. Models don’t always go according to plan. Computers aren’t perfect either. They could malfunction. Plus, human error could affect the outcome of the models.



[P1] Computer models made by scientists determine how climate change has and will affect the world in the future. [P2] Because technology is changing, scientists can make more accurate models.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Computers aren’t perfect and could provide false data.




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