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The management of electronic identities (credentials for accessing state services) should not be sub-contracted to external entities. Electronic identities should be private.

No, electronic identities should not be managed by the state Show more Show less

Outsourcing to private companies is more effective
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Competition among sub-contractors can be beneficial

Using a free-market approach might be in citzen's interest
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A state can auction or license the services of providing electronic ID to private companies instead of doing on its own.

The Argument

Sub-contracting to private companies might result in cost-savings and benefit to citizens from marketing competition: - The state can define quality requirements and appoint one or more distributors - Citizens can select between several providers on the basis of costs and services provided

Counter arguments

The risks behind a free-market approach are several. As an example: - The private companies in order to offer competitive prices might lower the quality thus comprising also privacy and exposing customer to threats. - A cartel can emerge thus depriving citizens of a real choice.


Rejecting the premises


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