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How will coronavirus change the world? Show more Show less

As coronavirus spreads, the possibility that it will have a severe and lasting impact on our world increases. But how will covid-19 impact the different facets of our existence and society? After the coronavirus pandemic is over, will we go back to life as normal? Or will things never be the same?

Social effects of coronavirus Show more Show less

On a macro level, coronavirus may have significant social effects.
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Coronavirus will cause a spike in racism

Coronavirus is causing an increase in distrust of the perceived ‘Other’.
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The association in the public consciousness of coronavirus with China has caused a demonstrable rise in racism against East Asian people. There have already been examples of race-based hate crimes committed due to coronavirus.[1] East Asian people have reported significant increases in microaggressions against them.[2] This is similar to the increase in racism that followed the SARS outbreak.[3] This reflects long term studies on the relationship between spread of infectious diseases and xenophobia. It is common for xenophobia and racism to spike in response to increased spread of infectious disease, partially because the spread of disease makes people irrational.[4] This is reflected throughout history - for instance, the bubonic plague was often blamed on Jewish people and travellers. Coronavirus has caused a significant rise in racism, and as it worsens, this is unlikely to stop.

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[P1] Coronavirus has caused a spike in racism against East Asian people. [P2] This is unlikely to stop as coronavirus worsens.

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