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Corporal punishment - state sanctioned physical punishment - has been banned in 58 countries worldwide. However, some argue these bans deter violent crime. Should corporal punishment be allowed? Can it be an effective disciplinary tool? Or is it linked to skyrocketing crime rates?

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Corporal punishment should only be used in very specific scenarios.
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Corporal punishment shouldn't be used in anger

When used it anger, corporal punishment methods send a dangerous message.
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If parents or teachers use corporal punishment on children when they are angry, it sends a message that it is okay to use violence when you’re angry.

The Argument

Showing children that it is okay to use violence in anger sends a dangerous message to children. It shows them that violence is acceptable in situations that evoke extreme anger. On the other hand, if parents only use corporal punishment when they have a cool head, explaining the punishment is a direct consequence of the child's actions, it shows the child that they must be held responsible for their own actions. This scenario is acceptable and sends a positive message to children about their behaviour. Using corporal punishment as a knee-jerk, angry response is not acceptable. [1]

Counter arguments


[P1] Violence is acceptable when used as a punishment. [P2] Violence is unacceptable when used out of anger. [P3] Corporal punishment is violence. [P4] Therefore, corporal punishment cannot be used out of anger.

Rejecting the premises


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