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The video assistant referee (VAR) has proven highly controversial since its introduction in FIFA's Laws of the Game in 2018, after years of calls for video to be used. Has it helped make football fairer or is it destroying the spectacle of the beautiful game?

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VAR makes the game better and thus should continue to be used
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VAR can create a more attacking game

VAR means that defenders will have to be more careful in their own penalty area. This should lead to more chances for attacking football to flourish, as attackers will be willing to try and take on defenders in the box rather than playing it safe.
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VAR stands for Video assistance referee and is a new way technology is used to help football referees on the field when they make decisions. They are mainly used for determining goals, penalty decisions, direct red cards or mistaken identity incidents. The video footage helps the referee to take a decision after viewing the video material. Anyhow, the use of VAR is controversially discussed as it could potentially underpin the role of the referee on the field.

The Argument

The use of VAR in football will force defenders to be more careful in their penalty areas as this classically is the field in which more mistakes are punished by the referee. The introduction of VAR into the game means that these mistakes are more closely monitored by the video technology. This scenario only makes sense if one assumes that increased surveillance will lead to conforming behaviours by the defendant players. Is this the case, the overall game could become more attacking because the attackers will be more inclined to take on defenders in the box rather than trying to play it safe.

Counter arguments

VAR and the better surveillance of what the players do on the pitch will not alter their strategies. The defence will not modify their game which subsequently means that the game will not be more attacking.


The elimination of one factor will result in the fulfilment of its opposite.

Rejecting the premises

The elimination of one factor will not result in the fulfilment of its opposite.


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