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Creationism is the belief that the God in the Bible created the earth and the sky and all the things that live therein in six days. There has been furious debate about whether this should be taught in schools. This is especially an issue in the increasingly fundamentalist USA. Creationism is often described in opposition to evolution.

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The church and state should be separated. It is immoral for schools to be able to teach creationism.
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Creationism is religious and shouldn't be taught in schools

The church and state should be separate, and because of this religious beliefs should not be taught in schools along with scientific fact.
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The Argument

Most western societies are secular and staunchly defend the separation between church and state.[1] In the USA this is part of the Constitution. In multicultural societies, if any religious creation stories were going to be taught, then all should be.[2] If creationists argue for ‘balanced’ teaching of creationism in schools alongside evolution, why not have a ‘balanced ‘ teaching of all creation stories?

Counter arguments

Evolution also can not be proven. Where are the transitional fossils showing one species changing into another? Therefore, if evolution is a legitimate belief system, so is creationism. Issues around academic freedom, censorship, parental rights and majority rule mean creationism should be allowed to be taught.[3][4]



[P1] Creationism is a religious belief. [P2] It therefore has no place in schools in secular societies or where there is a claimed separation between the church and state.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Creationism is a legitimate belief system. [Rejecting P2] As it is a legitimate belief system, it should be taught in schools.


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