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Is CRISPR human genome editing technology ethical?
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CRISPR is ethical under all conditions

There are currently no documented arguments for CRISPR use being ethical under all conditions.
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The Argument

At the moment, there is no documentation of arguments which claim that using CRISPR is ethical under all conditions. All currently circulating arguments believe that the use of CRISPR is unethical when it is used on certain individuals or for certain purposes. It seems that the vast majority of arguments hold that using CRISPR for "enhancement" (like intelligence, bigger muscles, height, etc.) and not just for disease treatment is unethical. Some individuals like Josiah Zayner believe that it's ethical for CRISPR to be used for enhancement (e.g. bigger muscles) and for CRISPR to be used for self-experimentation, which implies that CRISPR ethics could have much fewer conditions than more popular positions demand.[1] Yet, this refers specifically to using CRISPR on non-embryos, so some conditions are still in place. Others like Juan Enriquez and Steve Gullans believe genetic enhancement is very likely to occur in the future, but do not weigh in on the ethics of it.[2] Arguments for CRISPR use being ethical under all conditions could arise as CRISPR is further developed.

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