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Are psychics real?
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Customers are desperate for someone to talk to

Sometimes, people are so desperate to speak to someone that they will believe anything.

The Argument

It is human nature to want somebody to confide in, to give our problems to and receive answers. In 2018, it was reported that four out of every ten individuals in the United States had seen some form of therapist at some point in their life.[1]The concept of going to a psychic isn't much different-you delve into your problems and receive some form of help or guidance in return. They are not so much magical, "sixth sense" possessing individuals as they are empathetic and guiding. People want answers fast. They don't necessarily want to work for them, as one often must with a therapist. A psychic is a quick-fix solution, with the answers presented right then and there. Although psychics may not be real, their skills in comforting people are quite valuable and give them a good reason to stay in business. They help people move on with their lives.

Counter arguments

Psychics may seem somewhat like therapists, but they are not at all. The abilities they possess allow them to inform clients about the future, about their relationships, and their jobs. They guide, but what they do is completely different.



[P1] Everyone needs someone to talk to. [P2] Psychics provide this space.

Rejecting the premises


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