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Global warning has been a major concern for climate scientists for a few decades now. However, polling shows public discourse remains divided as to how real it is, what causes it and how to react to it.

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Those who think concerns are overplayed and probably motivated by a left-wing agenda. Also those who think the Earth's climate system isn't changing at all (it might even be cooling down). Weather has always been messy and unpredictable anyway.
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Global warming might be real, but there's little we can do to counteract it because it's the product of natural causes.
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The Argument

The Earth naturally goes through geological cycles of heating and cooling. [1]Global warming and climate change observed are simply a result of moving through this cycle. Though the earth is warming, it isn’t due to human activities, but natural weather patterns. Due to slight orbital changes leading to varying distance from the sun, the Earth has global heating periods and ice ages depending upon the warmth it receives from our star. We are currently in a heating period, and the climate variation we see has nothing to do with human activity. Scientists who believe human carbon emissions are causing climate change are incorrect in their assessment. Increased temperature changes the carbon equilibrium in the ocean, releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere, meaning warmer climate releases more carbon dioxide, not vice versa. Many climate scientists fail to take into account gaseous water in the atmosphere’s interplay with carbon dioxide, leading to improper calculations.[2]

Counter arguments

Although Earth does experience natural heating and cooling trends, our planet’s current warming behavior is far more extreme than any past trends. It is past the point of naturally occurring heating, and can only be explained by human activity.


[P1] Earth experiences natural heating and cooling cycles. [P2] Global warming is simply a result of Earth's natural cycles, not human behavior.

Rejecting the premises

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