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What are the advantages and disadvantages of year round school?
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Parents will have more difficulty in scheduling

With year round schooling, parents and teachers may have trouble scheduling daycare around their personal work schedules. Planning family or personal trips also would become increasingly difficult with year round schooling.

The Argument

Difficulties in scheduling is one of the main concerns of parents and teachers alike with year round schooling. Family vacations and quality time would be severely impacted. The long summer months are when most families spend time together and take meaningful holidays away from school and work. [1] Without this extended break, families no longer have that option. Parents would also have greater difficulty scheduling daycare services for their children. [2] Summer months are predictable and long term daycare can be easily arranged. However, short breaks are less predictable and parents can find it difficult to secure daycare for their children. [2] Without the widespread implementation of year round schooling, daycare options run on the traditional school schedule, which can pose massive problems for families who need daycare for their children every month or so for three weeks at a time under a year round schedule. [3]

Counter arguments

If more schools implement year round schooling, more day cares can better accommodate the frequent three-week breaks that working parents need. In addition, schools offer daycare options to parents. Third party sites, including and nanny sites, provide safe, affordable, and fast daycare services for parents in need.



Rejecting the premises


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