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Racial tensions have existed in the United States for centuries. 2020 has seen unprecedented protests under the Black Lives Matter banner and race has been the centre of clashes between protesters, militias and the police. With tensions so high, will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for race relations?

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Donald Trump in his first term has improved the economic and social status of racial minorities in America. He will restore peace to American cities and create jobs, easing tensions.
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Donald Trump is the law and order candidate and will end the violence in American cities

Trump is willing to take whatever steps are necessary to stop the violent clashes in American cities that are driven by racial tensions. With the clashes ending, racial tensions will subside.
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The Argument

Trump has always supported law enforcement and will take the necessary measures to end the unrest. He will end the anarchy and violence in US cities and oppose the “Marxists” and “anarchists” that have overtaken the Black Lives Matter movement.[1] By supporting law enforcement forces, Trump will end the riots and unrest that revolves around race issues - once law, order and peace are restored, race relations will also recover.

Counter arguments

Trump failed to recognise the causes of the recent unrest, and has not been strong enough in his criticism of the role played by the police and right-wing groups. In only criticising Black Lives Matter protesters, Trump has shown he has a poor understanding of racial issues, and this means he will not be able to relieve tensions. The use of greater police powers to restore law and order might be effective in bringing an end to the protests in the short term, but it will not address the underlying issues of structural racism, inequality and discrimination that are the root causes of the unrest. Trump might be able to reduce the surface-level violence, but race relations run deeper than this. Trump only recognises the symptoms, not the disease.


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