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In 2016, billionaire realtor Donald Trump won the US Presidential election, confounding polling forecasts, expert opinion, and mainstream press predictions. In the intervening four years, Trump's leadership has divided the nation. His critics blame Trump for deepening social cleavages, and say he has legitimised racism, deepened economic inequality, and reversed crucial climate change legislation. Others support his re-election, citing his economic record and calling his America First policy vital in the age of uncertainty. So, will Donald Trump be re-elected?

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Donald Trump's performance over the last four years have reduced his support base in key demographics. The evidence overwhelmingly indicates that Donald Trump will not be re-elected.
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Donald Trump is trailing in the 2020 election polls

Donald Trump is losing ground in the polls, while Joe Biden's share is increasing.


Biden's numbers are up in nearly all key states, and he's even gaining territory in Northern battlegrounds. He is up +8 in Michigan and +10 in Wisconsin Biden is leading in PA Biden is up in nearly ALL national polls

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Trump is trailing in key battlegrounds, and even some traditionally red states His numbers are lower than in 2016 "Biden is currently leading in swing state polls, putting him on course to win the Electoral College" (Politico)

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