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Should Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the 2020 US Presidential Election?
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Donald Trump represents the voiceless

Trump has made US politics more democratic by refusing to participate in elite politics and running on an agenda to represent the marginalised. Unlike establishment politicians, Trump is not afraid to speak bluntly on the issues which affect most Americans.
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One of the ways in which Trump was able to win over voters during the 2016 campaign was through his use of blunt, layman language which resonated with a lot of people who felt voiceless. Phrases such as "Crooked Hilary" were key in his ability to showcase himself as an individual of similar values to voters and who is unafraid to call out the political elites who have marginalised many.[1]

The Argument

Trump is able to represent conservative views which have been wrongly demonised and painted as hateful merely because they do not fall within the mainstream liberal views. Given the age of 'woke' social media where cancel culture and censorship run rampant, many Americans felt that their legitimate grievances with the system were forced into silence. Through his anti-establishment approach, Trump has represented these views, a decision which has endeared him to many voters. Religious and pro-life Americans are examples of the groups which have had their voices amplified by Donald Trump. On January 28 of this year, Trump became the first president to address the March for Life, which is the longest-running pro-life rally in the US. [2] “Together we are the voice for the voiceless,” Mr. Trump told tens of thousands of people gathered at the rally, signalling that he is willing to represent views on the right of the political spectrum which have for too long been ignored. This has enhanced democratic engagement with many individuals who did not vote in 2016 due to feelings of disillusionment with elite politicians proclaiming that they participate in the upcoming elections.[3] In a democracy, everyone has the right to political representation and for many, Trump has provided this.

Counter arguments

While everyone does deserve political representation, Trump does not provide this in a constructive way. The rhetoric he uses in his speeches is divisive, and this divisiveness has harmed the democratic process. Trump's divisiveness influences how Congress operates, which can be seen in the lengthy gridlocks where votes on legislation are split along party lines. The manner in which Trump represents religious and pro-life groups is to the detriment of women and other minority groups. He advocates for severe restrictions on reproductive rights and has even nominated to the Supreme Court judges who have advocated for criminal investigations into women who have miscarriages. Donald Trump does not give a voice to the voiceless. Rather, he imposes regressive views onto the US population and deprives vulnerable people of the rights they are entitled to.



Rejecting the premises


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