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The ever-rising costs of a university degree, coupled with increasing numbers of unemployed graduates, has left the latest generation of students pondering over whether a college education is worth it. Do the benefits of a college degree outweigh the costs?

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The debts incurred by college tuition fees follow graduates around for most of their lives, weighing heavily on their life choices and mental health.
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You don’t need a degree to get to the top

Many people get to the pinnacle of their industries without ever setting foot in a university classroom.
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Plenty of successful people get to where they are without a degree. If university degrees aren't essential, why pay the money?

The Argument

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, and Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, all got to the pinnacle of success without a college degree. They demonstrate that college degrees are not necessary for success and hard work, determination, and natural intelligence are more than adequate substitutes for attending university.

Counter arguments

For every Richard Branson, there are thousands that are just as capable, just as intelligent, and just as hard-working that never rose to the top because they didn’t get lucky. While university isn’t necessary for entrepreneurial or business success, it definitely helps. Going to university significantly increases the possibility of career and financial success by exposing you to a successful, diverse population allowing you to build relationships with like-minded people that will contribute to your intellectual and creative development.


[P1] People can succeed without a degree. [P2] Therefore, university degrees are not essential for success. [P3] Therefore, universities are not worth the money.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] Universities are not essential for success, but they increase the likelihood of success.


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