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The consumption of dog meat is legal in most countries and is notably part of Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Swiss, and Nigerian cuisine. However, eating dogs is heavily tabooed in much of the Western world, including Europe and the Americas. In recent years, many animal activist groups have fought for the practice to be banned on moral grounds.

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For some, dog meat is just another food source, potentially with both cultural and religious connotations surrounding consumption.
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Eating meat is normal for the human diet, even if that meat is dog

Dog meat is and has been a sustainable food source for many people. While during times of famine dogs were and still are seen as food. The preference for dog meat has decreased since then, but for places where it's still popular to consume dogs, it’s no different than raising cows or pigs for food.
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The Argument

In the past, peoples lifestyles were void of modern day conveniences. There were no grocery stores and refrigerators didn’t exactly exist to keep food from spoiling. Ancient humans survived on a hunter gatherer lifestyle until the birth of agriculture. The raising of plants and animals changed the game entirely. No longer did people need to rely solely on hunting or gathering for food but they could raise it themselves. Eating meat, while it’s argued that humans can survive without it now, is not a statement that would be very true in the past.[1] If crop yields were poor a farmer couldn’t just go out to the local store to stock up on non-perishables nor go to their neighbor to ask for food to last an entire season. While there was a lack of crops, getting rid of some of the livestock would not only provide food but also get rid of another mouth to feed. Dogs were guardians for the other livestock but besides that they didn’t produce things like eggs or milk, falling more in line with pigs with how they are used for their meat. Dogs were a perfectly viable source of food for many races during times of struggle and famine. While the preference for dog meat has decreased due to the rise of pet owners, for places that still consume dogs like Vietnam it's still a very popular cuisine.

Counter arguments

Even in todays society meat is seen as a king ingredient to use in cooking and has been a part of our diet for as long as we’ve been on this planet. However, what our bodies require isn’t specifically meat, it’s the iron and protein they provide us. With cultural foods and fusion cuisine finding places in peoples hearts so to is the idea that food doesn’t have to be unhealthy to taste good. There’s countless of ingredients at peoples disposal to add flavor and flare to their food without needing meat to be a centerpiece at the dinner table. Preservation has only increased with the invention of the refrigerator. There are countless techniques dedicated to giving food a longer shelf life and giving simple ingredients a bigger punch of flavor and umami to make them delectable. Things like canning, salting, pickling, and smoking just to name a few. Farming has also increased allowing for bigger and better crop yields so people aren’t lacking in options, or food for that matter. With such things at peoples disposal they do not have to solely rely on the food they raise and produce themselves, they can forgo eating meat and live on a plant based diet without craving a rack of ribs, or dog ribs for that matter.


[P1] Dog meat like beef or pork is and has been another food source for humans.

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