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As coronavirus infects more and more people globally, the question becomes why now? Why has the pandemic began now? Could it be that increasing levels of climate change and continued destruction of the environment are to blame?

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If it weren't for the things humankind is doing to devastate the environment, the coronavirus outbreak wouldn't have happened.
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Eating meat

Eating meat, something that is extremely negative for the environment, caused the coronavirus outbreak.
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The Argument

Coronavirus is a type of disease that can occur in both animals and humans, like SARS. COVID-19 most likely began in bats or pangolins.[1] A study undertaken by virologists found that COVID-19 is 96% similar to a variation of coronavirus found in bats.[2] Reports have traced the earliest occurrence of COVID-19 to an animal market in Wuhan, China.[1] At this market, many types of animals including birds, snakes and rabbits are traded illegally.[3] It is believed that from here the disease jumped from animals to humans, perhaps being transmitted from bat to pangolin first.[4] Without reasons to be in close proximity to animals, without people eating meat - pangolins are sold because they're a delicacy - coronavirus would not have spread. Eating meat is already incredibly bad for the environment.[5] Now, it has caused a global pandemic.

Counter arguments

While COVID-19 has been traced back to a Wuhan animal market, it is not confirmed that this is how the disease spread from animals to humans.[1]


[P1] The coronavirus pandemic began in a meat market. [P2] If we did not eat meat, the pandemic would not have began.

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