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The environment has been breaking down over the years and only recently have we tried to stop it. One of the biggest problems is the waning ozone layer. The ozone layer keeps the earth at a safe temperature and provides it with the perfect atmosphere for life. One of the substances that breaks down the ozone layer is carbon monoxide, which usually come from cars. Electric cars are presented as a possible solution to this. But are electric cars the first step to an improved environment? Or are they an inflated idea with more problems than solutions?

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Electric cars are revolutionary. They only run on electricity and would benefit the environment. Electric cars would make the world a better place.
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Electric cars reduce noise pollution

Noise pollution is a problem. Noise pollution disrupts restful sleep, causing stress and fatigue. But it also can affect the environment.

The Argument

Electric cars are quieter than regular cars. Because electric cars don’t have an engine, they don’t make noise.[1] This is a perfect way to reduce noise pollution. Noise pollution is disruptive noise that negatively affects organisms’ lives and health.[2] Noise pollution can cause animals not to be able to hear each other when communicating, cause adverse plant growth, and prevent restful sleep.[3] With electric cars, a quieter environment would be good for everyone.

Counter arguments

It’s dangerous if people can’t hear an electric car. If no one can hear an electric car coming, they can be easily run over.



[P1] Noise pollution disrupts the lives of people and the environment. [P2] Electric cars are quieter than regular cars as they don't have an engine. [P3] Electric cars will reduce noise pollution, making the environment healthier.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P4] Although the reduction of noise pollution will make the environment healthier, electric cars pose a risk if they can’t be heard.




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