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What are the pros and cons of The Green New Deal?
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The Green New Deal will eliminate deaths caused by global climate change

The Green New Deal aims to reduce the thousands of deaths annually caused by global climate change. These deaths are caused by air pollution, wildfires, illnesses related to them.
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The Argument

Currently, approximately 62,000 Americans die per year due to air pollution-related causes.[1] Additionally, researchers at the World Health Organization believe that over 150,000 people die worldwide because of climate change-related causes. These include the increased speed of spread of infectious diseases, creating conditions leading to malnutrition and diarrhea, and increasing the frequency of heatwaves, floods, and numerous other weather-related catastrophes.[2] Additionally, there are tens of thousands of Americans emissions caused by cars and coal-fired powerplants.[1] The Green New Deal aims to expand carbon-capturing devices, thereby reducing air pollutants that add to deaths. Also, the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy will help reduce the acceleration of natural disasters, and therefore lower climate change caused death rates.

Counter arguments

Climate change is a mythical, nonexistent hoax. Deaths from air pollutants are not caused by climate change.[3] These deaths are caused by an existing disease like lung cancer and asthma (illnesses that are often either genetic or from habits like smoking). Additionally, heatwaves, wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters are just that – natural. These tragic events happen every year, and sadly people die as a result. But these are not caused by climate change. A Green New Deal will not change these deaths.



Rejecting the premises


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