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Eminem has cultivated and earned a reputation for his controversial lyrics. They have been called out for being sexist, violent, homophobic and racist. However, he remains an extremely popular artist. Why is Eminem's racism given a 'pass' by his listeners? And how does this relate to societal attitudes to racism?

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A lot of Eminem's lyrics are racist.
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Eminem's lyrics disrespect black women

Eminem has apologized for lyrics which target and negatively stereotype black women. However, many critiques still hold that his songs disrespect black women in particular.
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Eminem admitted to writing and recording “Foolish Pride”, a song that portrays black women as unintelligent and as gold diggers. “Blacks and whites sometimes mix,” he raps in the song, “But black girls only want your money ‘cause they’re dumb chicks.” He also compares black women to white women, the latter of which he describes as “good” and “fine”.[1] Eminem publicly apologized for the track[2] and even mentioned it in a 2004 song titled “Yellow Brick Road” (“I singled out a whole race / and for that I apologize”)[3], but did not face any repercussions or decline in popularity for the racist lyrics[4].

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