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A question that every English student ever has received is “Are you going to be a teacher?” To which most of us would reply noncommittally. While it is true that many students who major in English go on to study postgraduate degrees and become teachers, lecturers, professors and the like, it seems that many don’t realise the breadth of career optionsEnglish majors have.

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Many English majors work in the education sector because it is the most direct career path that allows them to use what they have learned throughout their degree.
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English majors can become English teachers

Teaching English (as a first or second language) is a popular choice for English majors to pass on the knowledge they have learned.
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The Argument

Throughout their degree, English students take a range of courses covering aspects of literature and linguistics. The linguistics part, which might include topics of grammar, phonetics, pedagogy, language acquisition, would especially be useful in truly understanding how the English language works, how students pick the language up and how students can pick it up more easily. Getting the credentials to teach English as a second language could even give the teacher a challenge, teaching the language to students whose mother tongue is not English. It also gives them the opportunity to go on working holidays abroad and experience new cultures and places while still doing what they are trained to do. Teaching, while common for an English major to do after they graduate, is ultimately rewarding and fun because it allows individuals to directly impart the knowledge they learned on others.

Counter arguments



[P1] The courses that English majors take for their degree are related to teaching and help them become good teachers.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Not all English majors choose to take pedagogy-related courses.


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