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Should electronic identities be managed by the state? Show more Show less

The management of electronic identities (credentials for accessing state services) should not be sub-contracted to external entities. Electronic identities should be private.

No, electronic identities should not be managed by the state Show more Show less

Outsourcing to private companies is more effective
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Ensure protection in totalitarian state

This mechanism might be necessary for non'democratic countries.
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The Argument

For non-democratic or totalitarian regime an electronic-ID might provide it a means to control and monitor citizens activities and suppress dissent. By allowing an external entity (even outside the state itself) to validate user indetity we can have the advantage of reducing kale-news and at the same time guaranteeing freedom of speech.

Counter arguments

An entity that is not specifically controlled by a state does not have legal grounds to validate identities.



Rejecting the premises


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