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Does Esports have a legitimate claim to being a sport?
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Esports does not offer the physical health benefits of traditional sports

Sports is thought of as a type of exercise and offers many physical health benefits. Many people consider it a vital part of their everyday health and wellbeing. However, Esports does not offer any of the same benefits that traditional sports do.
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Sports are not simply a career path or competition, they are an important part of health and wellbeing for many. Esports does not offer most of the traditional health benefits of sports, such as better sleep, improved lung function, or aiding the healthy development of children.[1] In fact, one could argue that dedication to Esports is detrimental to physical health as it requires many hours of looking at screens which can damage health by causing long-term vision problems and disrupting circadian rhythms at night leading to poor quality and irregular sleep.[2] Therefore, as Esports can not replace traditional sports in terms of health benefits, it should not be classed as a legitimate sport.

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