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It's a question humanity has pondered for centuries. People have throughout time reported seeing mysterious objects flying in the sky, sightings of little green men, and even being abducted. But is this just the stuff of imagination? Does life exist in outer space? Or are we really all alone?

Probably, but we don’t yet have proof of alien life Show more Show less

People taking this view consider that in a Universe where there are enormous numbers of worlds like ours it is likely that life has arisen many times. But until we have evidence we don’t know for sure
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Several exoplanets have been discovered that may harbor alien life

The so-called exoplanets are planet found outside our Solar System. Some might be candidate for a life
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The advance in space exploration with telescopes or other instruments either on Earth or in Space allowed the detection of several planets on many Stars.

The Argument

The analysis in the latest years allows detecting planets on outer Solar Systems. The analysis could predict the composition of the planet (spectrography), whether it is a gas giant (such as Jupiter and Saturn) or a rocky planet; and its orbit around the sun. For example, if the orbits are inside what is called "Goldilocks" zone where water on the liquid state can exist.

Counter arguments

The analysis conducted so far only proves that some planets might be compatible with life but does not say anything with respect of actual presence of a life-form or which is its state (whether primordial or intelligent).


Rejecting the premises

Further Reading

Nasa site on exoplanets exploration:


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