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Should foreign residents be eligible to vote? Show more Show less

People are become increasingly globally mobile, with foreign nationals accounting for ever higher population percentages in most nations on Earth. Should they be allowed to vote?

No, foreign residents should not be able to vote Show more Show less

Right to vote should be restricted to nationals
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Foreign resident can apply for naturalisation

A foreign residents willing to vote can apply for becoming a national
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A foreign nationals can prove its integration by applying for nationality

The Argument

Most states, at given conditions (such as minimum residence, period, crimnal record, knowledge of language) allows foreigners to apply for naturalisation. This will provide the possibility to vote to everybody; the right to vote however should be conditioned to the fact that by naturalisation the foreign person is willing to accept the customs of rules of the country

Counter arguments

Naturalisation in most countries is a lengthy process that requires fullfillment of several conditions and might be expensive. Expatriates that plans to live in a country for a limited period of time, such as a few years, as in the case of a company transferee will be excluded.



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